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Signal Conditioner
Signal Conditioner
PID Controller
PID Controller
DIN Rail Mount
DIN Rail Mount
PC - 900
PC 900 Programmable Controllers
  Frequency Invertor SJ - Series ::

Frequency Invertor
SJ - 300

SJ - 300 Series ( Invertor)
The new SJ300 Inverter are among the most powerful of their class. Hitachi's unique "Advanced Sensorless Vector Control" (ASLV; patent pending) offers 200% starting torque and full torque at zero Hz – without feedback. The integrated Hitachi 32-bit SuperH RISC processor delivers the dynamic response needed for high-end applications.

To compensate possible temperature fluctuations within the motor, which might adversely affect smooth control of the motor, an online/offline motor-autotuning function is included. A newly developed internal control process leads to drastically reduce any rotational fluctuation at low speed, which enhances process stability and precision.

  • Capacity Range: 0.75 – 132 kW
  • Advanced Sensorless Vector Control (closed/open loop)
  • Starting Torque >200%
  • Full Torque at 0 Hz
  • High-Torque Multi-Motor Operation (with SLV)
  • Motor-Autotuning (online/offline)
  • Quick-Stop Function
  • RS485 and RS422 interfaces
  • Global Standards to CE, UL, c-UL, CTick, CSA
  • Built-in Potentiometer
  • PID Control
  • P/PI Control
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Motor Thermistor Input
  • User Macro Saving
  • And many more
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