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Signal Conditioner
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PID Controller
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SA Series

  • Make your work "convy"nient with CONVY.
    Configurable I/O minimizes your stock.
    Oversee your I/O with dual front displays.
    No need to purchase extra configuration software or units, front key configurable
    Various functions incorporated as standard besides signal conversion
    Yes, the answer is CONVY.
    I/O Configurable
    I/O configuration with 3 front keys (UP, DOWN, and MODE key). Besides I/O configuration, other items such as ramp time, reverse output are configurable with these keys.
    Dual Display
    4 digits Dual display for input (real value) and output (percentage) is incorporated. The indication time is adjustable within 0:00 - 60:00 (Min:Sec) for saving energy.
    Dual Output Models
    Signal splitter is available with models: SAWU (Universal I/O) and SAWD (Current loop supply).
    Various Functions
    Filter time constant (Ramp buffer) and Reverse output function
    incorporated as standard. The adjustable range for the Filter time
    constant is within 0.0 to 10sec.