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Signal Conditioner
Signal Conditioner
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PID Controller
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DIN Rail Mount
PC - 900
PC 900 Programmable Controllers
  Digital Temperature Controllers ::

Digital Temperature Controllers
CB Series Process

CB Series

CB - 100

CB - 500

CB - 700

CB - 400

CB - 900

CB series is the state-of-the-art temperature controller developed to pursue "easy and user-friendly" temperature control.
It provides easy-operating, versatile functions including Self-tuning and stable control with 0.3% measurement accuracy.
The CB100/500/700/900 are family of FM approved high limt or low limit controllers.


  • RKC self-tuning
  • Clear and Easy-to-read Large LED
  • RUN/STOP function
  • Digital Communications RS-485 (Option)
  • Dustproof and waterproof structure IP66(IP65) (Option)
  • Over / Under temperature protection
  • Peak temperature measurement
  • Over temperature timer
  • Two additional alarms (Option)
  • Retransmission output (Option)
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