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Signal Conditioner
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  2200 Series High Temperature ::

Overview / Design Principle:

2200 Series

  • The 2200 series pressure transducer features stability and accuracy in a variety of enclosure options. The 2200 series pressure transducer feature proven CVD sensing technology, an ASIC (amplified units), and modular packaging to provide a sensor line that can easily accommodate specials while not sacrificing high performance.

    * Millivolt, Voltage and Current Output Models
    * Gauge, Absolute, Vacuum and Compound Pressure Models Available
    * Submersible, General Purpose and Wash Down Enclosures
    * High Stability Achieved by CVD Sensing Element


    * Off Highway Vehicles
    * Natural Gas Equipment
    * Semiconductor Processing
    * Power Plants
    * Refrigeration
    * Robotics
    * HVAC